Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Updated: Jan 7

A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. It's a partnership between a farmer and their community. It's a way to buy local food directly from a farmer. You purchase a “share” and become a farm “member.”

Why is our CSA different?

In a traditional CSA the farm delivers a box of vegetables regularly throughout the growing season. You choose the pick-up location from a list of options the farm provides.

Our CSA allows you to choose what produce you want to try in whatever quantities you need. We also allow you to choose the location that's convenient for you. We grow year round, so you're not limited to buying just during the summer months.

Why buy a CSA?

You're supporting a local business.

It encourages you to eat more vegetables.

It encourages you to try different types of produce.

You're eating in season.

It saves you money.

How does our CSA work?

You pay the initial price of $500. You'll receive a pre-loaded card worth $550. That's a savings of 10% on your future purchases! You can visit any farmers market we attend and purchase whatever you need for the week!

Our current markets are

Tuesdays: Oxford 4-7 April through October

Wednesdays: Fairfield 4-7

Saturdays: Oxford 9-12

Saturdays: West Chester 9-1(summer) 2-4 (winter)

Sundays: Mariemont 10-1 May-October

Is a CSA right for you?

Do you expect tomatoes in January? Zucchini in March? If so, this CSA won't you. Although we grow in winter, we don't heat our tunnels. We won't have that kind of produce available. But if you like to eat in season, we'll have what you're craving. Fresh lettuce year round, sweet winter greens, juicy summer tomatoes, and so much more!

FAQ- frequently asked questions

What happens if I use more than the $550?

You can reload in quantities of $100 and receive $110 on your card.

What if I go on vacation?

No problem. Since you purchase what you need, when you need it, you can miss a week with no worries.

What if I move or decide I don't want it. Can I get my money back?

Due to the nature of a CSA, we do NOT give refunds. You can transfer or sell your card though.

What if I lose my card?

Your first card comes with your membership. Any additional card would incur a $5 charge. Treat this card like any credit card.

Does the card expire?

Yes. The CSA is good for the calendar year in which you purchase it. Purchases after August will be honored for the following year.

Do I need to volunteer on the farm?

No. Although we'll accept any help offered, you're not required to help.

What produce should I expect?

Crops can fail for many reasons, so I can't guarantee that we'll have everything listed, but we do our best. Also, not every vegetable will be available every week. Here's a sample of what we grew last year.

Can I pick up at different markets?

YES! Our CSA is completely flexible. You can grab stuff at the Wednesday market in Fairfield and come to Oxford on Saturday for more! You are free to get as much, or as little, as you need!

What's the advantage of the CSA?

You're receiving 10% off (that's the additional $ loaded to your card).

You get the first choice on produce. Email/text me with requests and you have first dibs.

You're supporting a local family farm.

Do you offer traditional CSA boxes?

Yes. If you like the traditional CSA model, we're happy to pack the box for you. We also offer this for those in a hurry. Most boxes will be between $25-$35.

Do you deliver?

Possibly. If you can't make it to a market, we do offer delivery for $10/week. We pack these boxes with about $25 worth of produce. Delivery is free for those receiving 5 or more boxes/week. This is great for local businesses that would like their employees to eat better.

Do we get a health insurance discount?

That's up to your insurance. I can't answer for them. I have heard of it.

Do you offer half shares?

No. Due to the flexible nature of our CSA and the fact that we grow year-round, we don't feel that's necessary.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. We will work with you to be able to fit this in your budget.

Can we share our CSA with a neighbor/friend?

Yes. You can share with anyone you choose but the person picking up must have the card.

Is there a limit to the the number of CSA's sold?

Yes. In order to service our loyal members, we do limit the number of cards sold. If you'd like to join our farm family, please sign up early!

If you're ready to sign up for our 2021 CSA, click here!

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